Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism

These core values underpin everything I do as a household manager and personal assistant, and they are what you can expect from me every time I come into your home. I take pride in following through on my commitments. When I am scheduled to work for you, I will arrive on time and tackle my task list with concentrated effort and efficiency. I will also always be open with you if I foresee any limit to being able to follow through on a task as quickly or beautifully as possible. Your trust is incredibly valuable to me, and I aim to earn it every day while I am on the job for you.

Respect for Your Privacy

I hold my clients’ privacy absolutely sacred, both during the business relationship and after. That includes the privacy of you, your family, your work, and your personal information. Every letter of agreement I issue includes a standard privacy clause, and should you desire it I am always happy to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement for you, as well. The details of your life are your own, and I endeavor steadfastly each day to keep them safe.

Respect for Your Time and Your Money

Chances are, if you are looking to hire someone like me, you are already strapped for time. It is part of my job to help give you some of your time back, so I focus on working independently as much as I can for you and collaborate with you to hone

the most efficient ways for us to communicate when needed. Aside from large organizing and decluttering jobs, where your presence may be required, I generally only need about fifteen minutes of quality time with you each work day so I can make sure I understand what needs to be accomplished and to resolve any questions I may have.

Meanwhile, it is also my job to make sure you are always getting as much as you can out of the dollars you spend on me. I am a quick worker and can accomplish quite a bit for you even in just four hours a week, though you may be contracted for up to twenty. If at any time I find that I may be scheduled for more hours with you than are truly needed, then I will suggest we readjust to a shorter schedule. Should I deem it more cost-effective to seek a different vendor to fill your needs, too, I may even suggest that. You deserve to get the best value you can for the hard-earned cash you are investing in me.

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