Hours and Contracts

As a part-time purveyor of household services, I offer shifts as short as three and half hours and as long as twenty hours per week per client, and my standard work hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday. For larger projects, such as home organizing or move oversight, extended hours and weekend hours may be available, as well. Contracts may be made for up to three months in length, giving us regular opportunity to change the terms of our agreement and to re-up as needed. 

Fees and Payment

My fee structure is very simple: I charge $45 an hour for all services and bill in 15-minute increments.

I will invoice you on a bi-weekly basis via hard copy or email. For your convenience, payment may be made via personal check, direct deposit, or by PayPal using this button: 

Look, Ma! No Employment Taxes!

Sand Garden Solutions is an LLC, so when you hire me you never have to collect household employment taxes. You can simply enjoy the service I bring and don't have to worry about making withholding payments or filling out additional forms at tax time. 

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